paper city - ペーパーシティ

Watch trailer One night. 100,000 dead. a documentary about the firebombing of Tokyo
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In 1945, the US firebombed Tokyo, destroying a quarter of the city and killing 100,000 people. Now, in a society rapidly forgetting, three elderly survivors fight to leave behind a public record of their experiences before they pass away. Paper City explores what we choose to remember, and aim to forget—and what the consequences of that are.

Hiroshi Hoshino
“If towns and cities
are attacked,
civilians will be killed.”
Hiroshi Hoshino
14 years old at the time of the bombing
Hiroshi Hoshino
“We mustn't go
to war again.”
Minoru Tsukiyama
16 years old at the time of the bombing
Hiroshi Hoshino
“The line between
life and death
was paper-thin.”
Michiko Kiyooka
21 years old at the time of the bombing

It is difficult to imagine a better film could have been made on this subject.

Christine Judith Nicholls, The Conversation

A poignant exploration of trauma, remembrance, and the state’s role in gatekeeping accounts of history.

Al Cossar, Artistic Director, Melbourne International Film Festival

An extraordinary, unsettling, powerful doco.

Jim Schembri, Film Critic

A touching record of the filmmaker’s efforts to better understand a place and a people he has come to know – and a history he was never taught.

Kenta McGrath, ScreenHub

By raising unsettling moral questions about the targeting of civilians during WWII, the film challenges prevailing American narratives of the ‘Good War.’

David Fedman, Assistant Professor of History, UC Irvine
7th Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 2022 (Australia)

Best Melbourne Documentary – Paper City
Best Emerging Director – Adrian Francis (Paper City)

Upcoming Screenings
18th Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, 2022 (US)
14th Rasnov Film & Histories Festival, 2022 (Romania)

August 25th, 14:30 (Eastern European Time)
August 27th, 16:15 (Eastern European Time)

Past Screenings
7th Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 2022 (Australia)
Nippon Connection on demand, 2022 (Germany)
22nd Nippon Connection Film Festival, 2022 (European premiere, Germany)
25th Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, 2022 (US)
37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2022 (International premiere, US)
69th Melbourne International Film Festival, 2021 (World premiere, Australia)

A film by Adrian Francis. Financed with the assistance of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Premiere Fund, Screen Australia, CAMPFIRE/Good Morning, and Documentary Australia Foundation.